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Lavaca County, Texas (TX)
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Find a Lawyer in Lavaca County, Texas from the (28) results list of lawyers below. Select a lawyer for an expanded listing. Search for Lavaca County law firms from our law firm database.
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Allen, Jessie L.
401 E 3rd St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2758 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 106, Hallettsville, TX 77964-0106
Appelt, Cassy D.
PO Box 1216, Shiner TX, 77984-1216 (Lavaca County)
Canter, Jessica Z. V.
200 W 4th St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2616 (Lavaca County)
Denney, Kyle A.
109 N La Grange St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2723 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 576, Hallettsville, TX 77964-0576
Evans, James A.
Evans & Evans
106 W 2nd St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2704 (Lavaca County)
Evans, John C.
PO Box 503, Hallettsville TX, 77964 (Lavaca County)
Fairman, James P.
211 E 2nd St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2737 (Lavaca County)
PO Box J, Hallettsville, TX 77964-1010
Fryer, John Stuart
109 N LaGrange St, Hallettsville, TX 77964 (Lavaca County)
Giddings, Sara A.
1309 N Avenue E, Shiner, TX 77984-5396 (Lavaca County)
Gluckman, Jonathan A.
PO Box 919, Hallettsville TX, 77964-0919 (Lavaca County)
Hill, Travis M.
401 N Lavaca St, Moulton, TX 77975 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 328, Moulton, TX 77975-0328
Hobbs, Carl W.
2217 FM 957, Hallettsville, TX 77964-4582 (Lavaca County)
Huser, V'Anne E. Bostic
119 E 7th St, Shiner, TX 77984 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 567, Shiner, TX 77984-0567
Johnson, Anna C. Allen
401 E 3rd St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2758 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 107, Hallettsville, TX 77964-0107
Johnson, Michael A.
PO Box 242, Hallettsville TX, 77964 (Lavaca County)
Kram, Sarah J. Allen
110 N Texana St, Hallettsville, TX 77964-2749 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 105, Hallettsville, TX 77964-0105
Kvinta, Kenneth E.
403 W Grand Ave, Yoakum, TX 77995-2617 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 775, Yoakum, TX 77995
Machacek, Jennifer
503 N Avenue F, Shiner, TX 77984 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 1216, Shiner, TX 77984-1216
Mullins, Terrell S.
318 North Main Street, Hallettsville, TX 77964 (Lavaca County)
P.O. Box 506, Hallettsville, TX 77964-0506
Natho, William J.
402 Irvine St, Yoakum, TX 77995-2630 (Lavaca County)
PO Box 50, Yoakum, TX 77995-0050
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