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The Oklahoma Legal Directory
is recognized as the official directory of the Oklahoma Bar Association.


What the Oklahoma Blue Book offers you

To give you an idea of the type of coverage you will find in a Legal Directory, here is a brief list of sections and features we publish in the Oklahoma Legal Directory:

Federal Section

  • United States Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches.
  • Federal Departments, including some Regional and Division offices for the state of Oklahoma.
  • Independent Agencies.

State Section

  • Oklahoma Schools of Law.
  • Oklahoma State Executive and Legislative Branches.
  • Oklahoma State Offices.
  • Oklahoma Taxation Departments.

Court Section

  • Terms, Rules and Jurisdiction of Courts.
  • State, county and local level Courts.
  • Names and contact information for court personnel.
  • Includes some District Maps.

Indian Nations Section

  • A section containing Indian Nations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Tribal Housing Authorities and Tribal Courts in the state of Oklahoma.

Professional Associations

  • National and State Professional Associations including the Oklahoma Bar Association.

County Map and County/City list

  • State of Oklahoma map, divided by counties, a county and county seat listing, followed by city, county and zip code list.

Roster Section

  • Oklahoma Attorney Alphabetical Roster.
  • Oklahoma Firm Alphabetical Roster.
  • Uniform Filing Fees.
  • A complete roster of attorneys and law firms in the state of Oklahoma with addresses and telephone numbers.
  • The addresses and telephone numbers of county and court officials precede each county roster.

Out of State Roster

  • Out of State Attorneys section lists out of state members of the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Areas of Practice Section

  • Areas of Practice section for participating Oklahoma attorneys and law firms.
  • Listed alphabetically by area of expertise.

Biographical Section

  • Professional and biographical data of participating law firms and individual practitioners in the state of Oklahoma.
  • Listed alphabetically by city, this section gives concise background information.

Classified Section

  • Available for providers of products and services used by the legal profession.
  • Display advertisements of professional individuals and businesses that provide services for the attorney.
  • An extensive List of Advertisers section, with both Alphabetical and Categorical listings, to help with the location of any of our participating advertisers.
  • Quick reference legal support telephone guide.

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  * Recognized as the official directory for the State Bar Association.

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