Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc., has been publishing state legal directories since 1935 and has grown to be America's Largest Publisher of State Legal Directories
To give you an idea of the type of coverage you will find in a Legal Directory, here is a brief list of sections and features we publish:

  • Comprehensive listings of county, state, and federal officials with addresses and telephone numbers.
  • A court section containing descriptive information about the terms, rules and jurisdiction for federal, state and local courts with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of court personnel.
  • Professional Associations including the State Bar or State Bar Association.
  • State map, divided by counties, followed by a city, county and zip code list.
  • A complete roster of attorneys and law firms in the state with addresses and telephone numbers. The addresses and telephone numbers of county and court officials precede each county roster.
  • Out of State Attorneys section lists out of state members of the respective State Bar or State Bar Association.
  • Areas of Practice section for participating attorneys and firms.
  • Mediators section for participating attorneys.
  • Professional and biographical data of participating law firms and individual practitioners in the state.
  • Display advertisements of professional individuals and businesses that provide services for the attorney.
  • Quick reference legal support telephone guide.
  • See also sample of a complete
  • Listings of county, state, and federal officials.
  • Court section.
  • Professional Associations.
  • City, county and zip code list.
  • Roster of attorneys and law firms.
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2021Alabama Legal Directory Bar Member$33.37Purchase
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2021Georgia Legal Directory (Book) Rel 02/2021$46.00Purchase
2020Georgia Legal Directory (Book) Rel 12/2019$46.00Purchase
2022Iowa Legal Directory$51.00Purchase
2020-21Illinois Legal Directory (Book) Rel 10/2020$61.00Purchase
2020-21Indiana Legal Directory$61.00Purchase
2021-22Kansas Legal Directory (Book)$54.00Purchase
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2022Kentucky Legal Directory$59.00Purchase
2021Louisiana Legal Directory Rel 01/2022$58.00Purchase
2020Minnesota Legal Directory Rel 12/2019$43.00Purchase
2021-22Missouri Legal Directory$51.00Purchase
2021-22Mississippi Legal Directory$50.00Purchase
2020-21Mississippi Legal Directory (Book) Rel 08/2020$50.00Purchase
2021-22North Carolina Legal Directory$61.00Purchase
2020-21Ohio Legal Directory (Book) Rel 2020$56.00Purchase
2020-21Oklahoma Legal Directory (Book) Rel 10/2020$61.00Purchase
2020Pennsylvania Legal Directory Rel 2020$56.00Purchase
2021Pennsylvania legal Directory Rel 2021$56.00Purchase
2020South Carolina Legal Directory Rel 2019$50.00Purchase
2021South Carolina Legal Directory Rel 2021$50.00Purchase
2020Tennessee Legal Directory 12/2019$44.00Purchase
2021Tennessee Legal Directory Rel 2021$44.00Purchase
2022Houston Bar Pictorial$40.00Purchase
2022Texas Legal Directory 2022$69.00Purchase
2021Texas Legal Directory Rel 2021$69.00Purchase
2021-22Virginias Legal Directory$51.00Purchase
2020-21Virginias Legal Directory (Book)$51.00Purchase
2020-22Wisconsin Legal Directory (Book) Rel 10/2020$41.00Purchase
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